summary task is not getting updated accordingly

summary task is not getting updated accordingly

Post by ratha » Wed, 15 Feb 2006 21:57:33

I want to create a plan which contains a column which displays a
I want to display the indicator with respect to two things.duration and
task completion.

i am aware that we can use %complete(duration), and physical
%complete(task completion).
we may caluculate the differece between these two,and with respect to
the value we can display the indicator.for example the difference is 0%
or less then we can display Green.if is moderate then we can display
Amber..if the difference being high the we can warn with a Red

My problem is when we use physical %complete, we enter the values
manually in the subtasks.But the summary task value is not getting
updated accordingly.Because of this i am unable to use it..Anyone can
suggest any alternate method so that i can display an stoplight
indicator with respect to duration completion and task completion.

summary task is not getting updated accordingly

Post by UmljayBSb3 » Thu, 16 Feb 2006 07:05:28

Hi, If you don't like my answer, please repost your question because a lot
of the times, people won't add additional answers if they see there are 2
posts on the question...

Okay, I was never a fan of % anything. It never calculates the way you
expect it to. I assume your plan is just using % to update tasks... Use
"Work" instead. But you don't use 'Work". It's okay, this will work all the
time on tasks and summary tasks...

All tasks have a "Duration" which automatically adds "Work" at maximum;
meaning, let's say you have a task that's 5days - that translates to 40hours.
As "Actual Work" goes up, "Remaining Work" goes down. When "Actual Work" =
40h, % Work Complete = 100%...

So, instead of using the % figures to calcluate your red/yellow/green, use
"Work", and "Remaining Work" and "Actual Work" in your formula... You will
always get that calculation to work correctly.

Hope that helps...

Rick Roszko
PM, MSPS, Network Consultant