Analysis Server requirements - capacity planning

Analysis Server requirements - capacity planning

Post by Jack Koh » Sat, 27 Sep 2003 23:35:25

I have two questions about requirements for our Analysis Server

We plan on rolling out Project 2003 Server with the following

* Dedicated Project 2003 Server (probably on Win 2003)
* SQL Server database store on an existing SQL 2000 server (that does
not have Analysis Services installed). It will be a Dual-Proc 2.4GHz
Xeon w/ 4GB RAM.
* Analysis Services on a separate existing SQL server with Analysis
Services installed. It mostly runs batch jobs at night for another
product we use in house. It will be a DP 700MHz box with 4GB RAM.

Qu 1) We estimate our disk requirements for the SQL database will be
2GB - 4GB. What are the disk requirements on the Analysis Services

FYI - Our space estimate is based on ~ 200 projects; 60 large
projects ("over 200 hours") and 140 small projects ("under 200 hours"
- only a few tasks)

Qu 2) We are using Windows Authentication on the Project Server.
Someone raised a concern about authentication between Project Server,
the SQL Server, and the Analysis Server once they are split onto
separate boxes. We run Active Directory in mixed mode. Will we run
into known problems?

Thanks in advance for any pointers or information the group can

Jack Kohn