Can't stop auto publish

Can't stop auto publish

Post by William Ra » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 06:17:57

Hi Jim,

This functionality is "by design". Basically, when you save a project, it
is 'published' to the server for all to see (well, all that have access
rights to see). The Collaborate->Publish... commands enable the project
collaboration features for timesheet updates.

To get around the issue with seeing all the projects, you will want to
consider using Enterprise Outline Codes to 'tag' a project with the state it
is in (i.e. Estimating, Approved, Closed, etc.) Then, you can create custom
views that filter out those project types that should not be listed.

As for the resources showing up, this is also by design. The way around
this is to use Generic Resources when estimating a schedule, then replacing
them with actual resources when you are ready to see them in your reports.
Once again, you can set up filters that do not show Generic resource usage.

Hope this helps,


Microsoft Project MVP
wraymond at capstone dot com

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Can't stop auto publish

Post by Dale Howar » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 06:35:15

Jim --

Let me "poke around in the dark" a little bit on your problem. Are you sure
that you aren't seeing the default behavior of Microsoft Project 2002 and
Project Web Access? For example, when I save a project in the Project
Server database, my project becomes visible in the Project Center view, even
though I have NOT published it yet. I can see the project in the Project
view as well, but in neither the Project Center nor the Project view can I
see information about Enterprise Custom Project fields and Enterprise Custom
Task fields. I can only see this custom information when I do Collaborate -
Publish - Project Plan and click OK.

Also, I have exactly the same scenario with viewing resource information.
Although I can see the resource information in the Resource Center view
(when I select the resource and then click the Availability... button), I
cannot see resource assignments for this project in the View Resource
Assignments section until I do Collaborate - Publish - New and Changed
Assignments. So, let me ask again: Are you SURE you are not witnessing
default behavior of the tool? I'm not trying to be a smart ass about this,
so please don't misunderstand me. I have struggled with this concept as
well, and now you are a "brother in pain" with me! Hope this helps.

Dale A. Howard
Project Management Trainer/Consultant
Denver, CO