Attn: Ken Snell - Parent Child Link Problem

Attn: Ken Snell - Parent Child Link Problem

Post by Bob B » Fri, 15 Aug 2003 11:26:56

Hi Ken!

I created a form with a subform inside with "ID" field as a link.... all
went fine untill i added my own buttons ... add.. edit and delete and

The child subform became color gray and and can't input anything... it seems
that the link between the form and subform doesn't work... already checked
the propertis and both are still linked supposed to be by the "ID" field.

I deleted the buttons I made but the same problem still exist....

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Hi, I know there are a few variations on this questions about, but can't
find anything that quite does the trick.

I've got a selected record which has been read in from a database, using
this I then
build a (parent) page with a form on it, the form has a text box

<input type=text name=ArticleImage value='database.ArticleImageName'>,

and a text area called

<textarea name=ArticleText>database.ArticleText</textarea>.

On this page/form I want to be able to call a popup (child) page to show
alternative images (which will also be read
in from a database) for ArticleImage and if selected to feed/send this value
back to parent page/form. However, as
the user may have change to value of ArticleText on the parent form, I want
to ensure I don't lose this.

So basically, can I update the value of input text box on parent,
ArticleImage, with a value on child page, without doing
a refresh on parent and thereby possibly/probably losing any changes made to
textarea ArticleText?

Thank you in advance,


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