Data Access Page Group Filter

Data Access Page Group Filter

Post by Sass_Gir » Sun, 16 Nov 2003 07:33:27

I am using the right click drag to create a group filter
drop down box on a data access page. It works great
overall, however, doctors are sparatically missing from
my dropdown box. It is pulling directly off a SQL query
and they all are there when I look at the query. I have
looked for commonalities between the missing records, but
can't seem to find any. Is there anything that would
limit the display for a drop down box? Any ideas?
Thanks so much for any help!


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I have a total of 15 rows of data. They are divided to 3 section; therefore
each section has 5 rows. When I print the whole excel sheet first page should
have 5 rows of data (1st section), second page should have another 5 rows of
data (2nd section) and third page should have the last 5 rows of data (3rd

I want to be able to group (or ungroup) data in first 5 rows but when I
print it I want to make sure the 2nd section (5 rows of data) is still in 2nd
page and 3rd section (5 rows of data) is still in 3rd page.

Is there anyway to do this? (I have MS Office 2000, would this limit me on
this ability?)

Thanks in advance

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