Primary Key Contain a Null Value

Primary Key Contain a Null Value

Post by R3JhbmRNYU » Fri, 01 Sep 2006 08:45:02

I have two forms in which to update data.

The first form where I enter four fields. Date, Last Name, High School and

With a Command button I call a second tab format form.

Three fields make up the Primary Key.

Date, Last Name from FormA and District ID from form B.

I have used this approach to help eliminate errors, as this has to do with
expense accounts for the district.

I have tried to store the Date and Last Name to insert into the proper
fields of the records I am creating using form B. How can I do this so I do
not have to re-enter the Date and Last name on each record?

Been struggeling with this for four days! I have used the Control Source
Property to point to Form A and that does not work. I have moved it using
VBA and that fails also.

I just cannot populate the field quick enough to make Access happy!

Appreciate the help in advance