Deleting records in a master-detail form

Deleting records in a master-detail form

Post by TGVpZiB » Sun, 17 Sep 2006 02:25:02

In a form with two folder objects I show master-detail relation. On the
detail folder I have code on the Current event that should not execute if the
user has pressed "Delete" on the master record. How can I test if the master
record has been deleted. I need to do this from the Current Event on the
child folder.
(The actual deletion of the child record is taken care of with a cascading
delete in the database)

Thank you for any assistance.

Leif S.
Systems Analyst

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1. SQLDataSet1 -> DataSetProvider -> ClientDataSet1 -> DataSource1
2. SQLDataSet2 -> DataSetProvider -> ClientDataSet2 -> DataSource2
3. ClientDataSet2.MasterSource := DataSource1
ClientDataSet2.MasterField := MastetKey1
4. ClientDataSet1 have 3 records.
5. For each record of ClientDataSet1 (master), there are 3 records in
ClientDataSet2 (details).

1. Position first record in ClientDataSet1 (master).
2. Delete all records from ClientDataSet2 (detail).
3. In ClientDataSet1 (master), go to the next record and then go back to the
first record.
4. The deleted records from ClientDataSet2 (detail) reappear ?????
5. The problem will only occurs when all detail records are deleted, if
there are one or more record still in detail dataset, the problem will not

Please help me on how to fix the problem.


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