Performance issue - style IE 5.5 vs IE 6.0

Performance issue - style IE 5.5 vs IE 6.0

Post by UXVpY2 » Wed, 05 Oct 2005 22:25:07

JavaScript performance issue

We develop web application (ASP, local language: JavaScript). IIS 6.0 render
the page based on the ASP script that represents some template of HTML
elements with defined styles:

<INPUT type=checkbox style='visibility: hidden;' id= 10 .... </INPUT>

Some validation and GUI visible logic is implemented via following principle
in JavaScript:

Get the element id = 10 from the document (example variable: objCheckBox10)
then: = "";

or vice versa: = "hidden";

This implementation has extremely lower performance in the MSIE 6.0 compare
to MS IE 5.5. The mentioned page works with hundreds elements. It means
internal interpretation has to be changed in IE 6.0 that works with styles.

Can anyone provide some relevant article, suggestion for the performance
fix, exist some registry key that fix this issue ?

Thank you


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