Help: Command Prompt code misbehaving in VBS

Help: Command Prompt code misbehaving in VBS

Post by Y2F0c0FyZU » Thu, 28 Feb 2008 04:24:01

Can anyone tell me why the following does not work?

I am trying to move the following Command Prompt code into a VB Script:

"c:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\CEAPPMGR.EXE" " helloworldproject.ini"

I have tested this and it successfully fires up the CEAppManager.exe on the
file helloworldproject.ini.

I moved this into the following VBScript...

Set strshell= CreateObject("WScript.Shell") """c:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\CEAPPMGR.EXE""

When I run this script, I get an error from CEAppManager as follows...
Error in Windows CE Setup Files: Application Manager cannot install this
application on your mobile device due to an error in the setup file.

It kind of looks to me like the script is not feeding parameter that I am
passing to CEAppManager (i.e. the hellowworldproject.ini) in the the way that
CEAppManager expects.

Please note that
1)when I execute the code in the CommandPrompt I have previously navigated
to the folder containing the INI file.
2) when I execute the VBS script I am also in the folder containing the
INI file.

Thanks in advance!