Local admin access for multiple users to multiple machines

Local admin access for multiple users to multiple machines

Post by U2Vhb » Fri, 08 Feb 2008 04:16:00

I need help writing a vb script to give a multiple users i have contained in
a text file local admin access to multiple remote machines. Any help would be

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2. Install pfbabkup for non-admin or multiple users on XP machine

Q: How do I install the Personal File Backup utility (pfbackup.exe) for
multiple users on a Win XP machine.
How do I install the Personal File Backup utility (pfbackup.exe) for a user
account on a Win XP machine.

I use XP and Outlook 2003 on a standalone machine. I installed pfbackup but
could not get access to it ( backup didn't appear in the File menu) from my
day to day user account (non admin, because we dont use an admin account for
everyday use now do we!!!!!).
Having trolled about in this community the answers are here but are spread
about a bit so I thought I would post this to help others that had this

Installing Personal File Backup on Win XP and Outlook 2003 for multiple user
1. Logon with your Administrator account.
2. Install pfbackup.exe by running pfbackup.exe
3. Logon with a user accounts that require access to PF Backup
e.g. Mom/Pop/Jack/Jill etc

Ensure Outlook is not running.

4. Select the tartbutton and on the menu click un Enter "regsvr32 c:\program files\microsoft
(without the double quotes)
( location of this dll on your machine may differ )
Run up a command prompt and run the same command as above from there.

5. Start outlook The backup menu item should now appear on the File menu.

So therefore what is required for each account wishing to use pfbackup is
that the outbak.dll is registered within that account.

Hope this helps

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