Word 2003 global template?

Word 2003 global template?

Post by RnJhbm » Mon, 30 Jan 2006 03:52:27

Hello Champs

I need to create a fb form for word to provide a "letter builder" to users.
The users are located in different regions and for each region there is a
different company logo.
If the users opens a word form the form must "popup", the user chooses his
location from a dropdown plus several additional things such as document type
(internal, confidential, ...).
When the user send the OK button, the popup disappears and the correct logo
and doctype will be inserted at specified locations.

Can someone please provide me with a working sample as I have no clue how to
work with the dropdowns and image insertions... :(

PS: If possible I need to samples
1) images coming with the .dot (size doesnt matter - in this case :) )
2) images are on networkshare / users dekstop (pre defined location)

Any help is highly appreciated