REPLICA Complaint and suggestion EMAIL,CHEAP Complaint and suggestion EMAIL

REPLICA Complaint and suggestion EMAIL,CHEAP Complaint and suggestion EMAIL

Post by Alexia tue » Thu, 12 Nov 2009 16:22:11

REPLICA Complaint and suggestion EMAIL,CHEAP Complaint and suggestion

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1. IE7 Beta Problems, complaints, suggestions...

2. Eula complaint and suggestion

I sent this to the wrong database earlier ...bkoach2

The Office EULA seems unfair to those of us with more than one pc, but no
laptop for an allowed second installation, and no business laptop to work
from home with.

To wit, laptops and pc's are used interchangeably and concurrently these
days -- some personal (i.e., non-business) user households have either one or
the other, others have two of one type, or two or the other. Not to mention
the fact that many people use their corporate laptops from both work and home
(with additional licenses paid by their business) which again is a net
disadvantage for users without access to a group license and seems curiously
to result in multiple license purchases going into the MS coffers.

What would make sense and actually seem fair for MS to do is to charge a
reasonable fee for ancillary licenses (say $100) which could be ethically
downloaded and installed for up to say two additional laptops or PC's.

Is all of this as simple as me being too literal (because "I'm so old I
actually follow rules while everyone under 45 chuckles") in my
interpretation of the Eula? Should I read "a portable device" to mean that
because I have carried my formerly upstairs pc to the ba *** t it is

I know, I know, nobody will answer the above honestly. Suppose I assume
that if I get fewer than 10 replys telling me to just "read the Eula" I can
assume the hypothesis in the above paragraph is correct?

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