Mapping AD properties to SPS profiles

Mapping AD properties to SPS profiles

Post by Olaf Koest » Thu, 24 Mar 2005 00:13:51


we are running a SPS server in our AD-Domain and we want the AD to be
the leading system for all user information.
So we are handling the cell phone numbers within the AD using the
otherTelephone property.

But there is one problem. Some of our employees are also handling their
home phone number as another teleephone number.
We are using the list that you can add values to when pressing the
"Other..." button behind the "Telephone number" field in the AD-properties-

It seems as if the AD handles all the given extra phone numbers as a
smicolon-seperated list.

How can I map a SPS-pofile-property to (for example) the second phone
numer from the semicolon-separated-list? Any ideas ?



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We are not able to import AD Profiles into SPS.
We have this error message
" Impossible de rcuprer le nom de domaine actuel partir des services
d'annuaire Active Directory.
Une erreur s'est produite lors de l'accs une base de donnes SQL ou des
ressources systme. Si ce message vous est prsent pour la premire fois,
veuillez ressayer ultrieurement. Si ce problme persiste, contactez votre
Aucune modification n'a t valide dans la base de donnes."
We use a domain account who is also a local admin account on the server. All
SQL server rights have been setup for this account.
We notice that the domain name is not displayed near the radio button on the
import page.

Please can you help us?


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