Alternate Access Mappings in MOSS

Alternate Access Mappings in MOSS

Post by SmVybWluYX » Sun, 25 Feb 2007 00:31:33

Can I use AAM to change or redirect urls to current web applications? I want
to change the url away from the http://server:port/ scheme.

I have been working on creating an Intranet infrastructure for my company. I
worked on it for a couple of weeks before my Network Admin decided it was ok
to upgrade to ISA2006 (from 2000).

So I have a bunch of sites using the http://server:port/ url scheme. But now
I can create new sites with the
the old sites to the new url scheme? Is this Alternate Access Mappings?

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I'm trying to get sharepoint to work from 2 offices via VPN.
the VPN works fine (vpn is used for term server and printing).

I need sharepoint to work from both offices - from the office with the
servers sharepoint works fine but from the other office I get error
saying permission denied.

I've gone to the alternate access mappings and setup the IP address of
the sharepoint server as an extranet. However it still doesn't work.

What else can I do to make sharepoint work from the other end of the
VPN tunnel?



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