Lists and Security

Lists and Security

Post by walter » Sat, 23 Sep 2006 18:11:23


How can I hide or disable the menu bar that have "New Item","Edit
Item","Delete Item", "Alert Me" & "Go Back to List" from being visible to
all users?


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No thoughts from anyone regarding this situation? Have any of you
consultants, MVPs, or MS employees heard/dealt with of others needing this
type of entity or form-level security on a per role basis?

It seem like you should be able to set security rights on a Role that would
allow them to add Accounts to a Marketing List without allowing that Role to
view all Marketing List Members and the total of Members on that Marketing

Any advice, thoughts, sharing of experiences, etc. would be greatly
appreciated - even if you have to just tell me that it can't be done at least
we would know.



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