The Authentication problem again...

The Authentication problem again...

Post by QW5kcmVhc0 » Sat, 12 Feb 2005 21:41:01

We use Windows authentication, have added the server (the hole intranet
domain) to the Trusted Sites (via AD Group Policy) - and anyway get the
boring login prompts when accessing a site on the server. The server belongs
to the intranet domain. The interesting things are:

1. It thad worked for several weeks without problems - and then the popups
began again (no idea what happens - no change in AD GP, nor on the SP Server)

2. A User that has administrative rights on the SP Server wouldn't get these
popups. Our network specialists sniffed the packages transferred to the SP
Server during login, it seems there's some type of a cookie transferred to
the server where normal users are not allowed to write to, while the
authentification on the server occures without problems. Strange.

Any ideas welcome, Andreas.

The Authentication problem again...

Post by ducksoup9 » Sun, 13 Feb 2005 06:25:59

i had the same problem. only users with admin rights are able to log
in w/o that username/password/domain popup window. although i have
created and added users in other groups such as reader/contributor/web
designer.... they still get that popup window and unable to view the

since i am assuming we have the same problem (w simliar environment
being that site is for our intranet domain and our network admin swears
he didnt chanage a thing), we can try to work things out together. my
email addy is XXXX@XXXXX.COM and i would like have your email
addy as well for faster communication

it's NOT end user cookie btw, b/c i was using the same workstation to
try out different group rights and i was able to log in w admin but no
other groups.

so far, i have tried to change setting in IIS (grant acess to anonymous
users, uncheck windows password) but that didnt solve the problem.

i am going to create a new user group with different rights to see if
one or two particular rights causing the problem.

good luck


The Authentication problem again...

Post by anonymou » Mon, 14 Feb 2005 07:01:01

Is it a two way trust? What domain are the clients in?
Why don't you add the server directly to the AD domain?

(the hole intranet
anyway get the
server. The server belongs
and then the popups
nor on the SP Server)
Server wouldn't get these
transferred to the SP
cookie transferred to
to, while the

The Authentication problem again...

Post by Jan-Olov E » Thu, 17 Feb 2005 16:35:05

Has there been any updates of files, like images, stylesheets etc, by
doing a copy from another machine? In that case, check the permissions
on those files. I have experienced similar in a case where files where
updated like that.


The Authentication problem again...

Post by Um9kbmV5IE » Thu, 19 May 2005 07:28:03

We have the same problem. Authentication working perfectly and then bam, all
of a suddenly users are being prompted by the windows authentication
challenge. If I understand the behavior that you describe, is it the same in
that users are able to continue to work, they must simply press "escape" or
cancel out of the authentication challenge dialog box.

We have temporarily worked around this issue by having site administrators
(where they can allow it) add the user as reader to parent sites. This makes
the popup disappear.

Kind regards, Rodney

The Authentication problem again...

Post by ZXJpb » Wed, 15 Jun 2005 07:16:02

I have the same problems. I get the log in pop up three-four times, and then
it finally lets me in but the style sheet is gone.

I can log in as this one user fine from my machine, but if i try it on a
different machine it fails and i get the aforementioned error. Any thoughts?


The Authentication problem again...

Post by Q2FtZXJvbi » Wed, 13 Jul 2005 05:19:03

Hi All,

This problem is occuring with my sites also. We have tried adding both the
short server name and the fully qualified domain name to the trusted sites
(and alternatively, to intranet sites) in IE, set IE to auto-login on trusted
sites, checked the "remember user name and password" box in the login
prompts... and still, we must get through 3 authentication boxes to log in.
What I find funny is that it doesn't matter if you click Cancel or OK.

I recently gave an "Admin Basics" class to folks who would be WSS site
admins, so each of them were admins of a common top-level site, and their own
sub-site. This repeated login issue came up constantly.

Another permissions problem is that these admins could add Web Parts to
their sites, but then would not have access to add items, such as links in
the links list wp. Have any of you seen that?

We were accessing the sites with IE on XP SP2 w/ Office 2003. XP firewall
turned off. The SPS and WSS have SP 1 installed.