MOSS task workflow email sent in error

MOSS task workflow email sent in error

Post by Q2hhcmxlc » Sat, 26 May 2007 20:02:01

I have noticed an issue that occurs occasionally. I have a project tasks list
in MOSS and am using the approval workflow with it. At times when an item is
edited other users not in the assigned to field are added to the field and
sent an email about the update of the item. This does not appear in MOSS but
in the email sent, the additional users added are listed first and then the
original assigned users as if the task were reassigned and the eamil states
that the task was reassigned.

in the email the users crossed out were never assigned the task, only the
users not crossed out, and the assigned to field was not edited although
another field was edited. If you look at the version history of the item in
MOSS it does not show the assigned to field as being edited. This happens
randomly and the unwanted users are getting emails that they should not.
Any ideas or has anyone else noticed this?

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I've got a workflow in place that is supposed to send an email to CRM
whenever a new task has been assigned to them. What I would like, is
for the
workflow to send the user an email through exchange so that it is
received in
their Outlook email inbox. Right now, all the workflow does is create
an email
activity in CRM. I've had a look at the registry on the CRM server,
and I
noticed that the mailserverurl registry key has no value. Should I
setting this value, or is a blank value correct? Our Exchange
connector seems
to be working properly in all other respects (incoming emails can be
in CRM, etc.). Has anyone encountered this issue before?

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