View a list on a seperate portal Area

View a list on a seperate portal Area

Post by Johnnie Ar » Wed, 15 Dec 2004 23:39:45

I submitted a post last week asking if it is possible to use a data view
webpart from a different portal (shared services environment). I received a
resonding YES you can do that but nobody explained how to do it or directed
me to an article that would walk me through the correct actions to resolve
my problem. I did find an article posted on the msd2d site the link is
Step 3: is where I get hung up it says "Sit back and marvel at how easy it
is to get a rowset out of SharePoint without using the Object Model or the
Web Services. You can point a Data View web part to this URL and grab data
from another SharePoint site without adding the whole site to your DV
catalog listing". But it never says what kind of data view webpart to
use. How do you grab the url with a data view webpart??? XML webservice?
Please Advise.

View a list on a seperate portal Area

Post by dGVkdGVuZ » Thu, 16 Dec 2004 21:39:08

I have amended Mania's codes and wrote a web part to clean the broken listings.

pls check here %20Parts&id=14728920-e784-42b6-80b9-61ab837a1da6