working "shared services" vs. not working "shared services"

working "shared services" vs. not working "shared services"

Post by aviad0000 » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 06:26:48


We have in the organization 6 servers. 4 in farm A (2 Front-End + 1
index + SQL server) and 2 servers in farm B (1 [Front-end+index] + 1
farm A is a farm for all the users` organization and farm B is for one
department in the organization.

1. Is there any documentation or any body that can tell me about the
advantages/disadvantages in NOT using "shared services"(between farms)

2. i've heard there is a problem in "MySite" working without shared
services. user can have 2 "MySite" in farm A and farm B. is that true?
howe comes?

3. farm B consume the search service from farm B ("Associate portal")
and there is only one place for one portal to consume from farm A.
can i add another farm(farm C) to a "shared services" and cosume farm
A serach service as well?