Web Part - Add on's

Web Part - Add on's

Post by cm1jdmljYX » Wed, 13 Jul 2005 00:33:02

I am looking for Web Part Add on's:
- Client / Contact Document Mangagement relationship: Add a Contact / Client
and then associate a Document Library to this object (client/Contact or

- More comprehensive Tree View: Multi-leve tree view like explorier.

- Integrated Outlook for each individuals - My Site and a Shared Exchange
Public Folder.

We will be using Server 2003 with SharePoint Portal 2003.

Ron McVicar ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM )

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2. Manage Add-ons - Add-ons that run without requiring permission

The following add-ons are listed under "Add-ons that run WITHOUT REQUIRING
PERMISSION" by Microsoft Corporation all "Enabled" for "Active X Control".

4 for Free Threaded XML Do - MSXML3.dll including 1 that is (not verified)
HtmlDlgSafeHelper Class - mshtmled.dll
InformationCardSigninH - icardie.dll
Microsoft Shell UI Helper - ieframe.dll
Scripting.Dictionary - scrrun.dll
Tabular Data Control - tdc.ocx
3 for Windows Live Messenger - MSGSC8~DLL
Windows Live Messenger - msnmsgr.exe
Windows Live Sign-inC - WindowsLiveLogin.dll
XML Data Source Object - msxmls.dll
XML Data Source Object 3.0 - msxml3.dll
XML Data Source Object 4.0 (not verified) - msxml4.dll
XML DOM Document - msxml3.dll
XML DOM Document 4.0 (not verified) - msxml3.dll
XML DOM Document 4.0 (not verified) - msxml4.dll
XML HTTP 3.0 - msxml3.dll
XML HTTP 4.0 (not verified) - msxml4.dll
XML Schema Cache - msxml3.dll
XML Schema Cache 3.0 - msxml3.dll
XML Schema Cache 4.0 (not verified) - msxml4.dll
XSL Template - msxml3.dll
XSL Template 3.0 - msxml3.dll
XSL Template 4.0 (not verified) - msxml4.dll

My question is, Do all of these have to be enabled?

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