Which Workflow? Custom Workflow?

Which Workflow? Custom Workflow?

Post by George Dur » Fri, 24 Aug 2007 06:39:12

Hi there,
I'm trying to determine if a custom workflow is the suitable way to
solve a certain problem. My exposure to workflow in MOSS is currently
limited to the How-To sequential workflow example from MSDN.

I'd like to trigger a workflow when a new item is added to a reports
library. The item requires two approvers, however an item can't be
approved unless a certain combination of eligible approvers has
approved it. For example, a primary approver and a supervisor, but not
two secondary approvers. i.e. there is a short list of valid
combinations of valid approvers.

I am able to programmatically access an approver's "approval level".
This lives in a SQL database, not in MOSS. Is this best implemented as
a custom workflow, where I can programmatically evaluate if the
combination of approvals meets the threshold?

It seems like this is logically a group approval workflow, but with
custom logic.

If anyone can nudge me in the right direction, I would greatly
appreciate it.

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I am a newbie to this (exchange server and workflows) and I am trying to
create a test workflow app using workflow designer (office developer) and
exchange 2003. I have created a workflow system account and added it to
exchange domain server group and set it as the identity that workflow event
sink takes. also i have added this account and my account to the both the
required roles in the windows event sink COM+ application on the server that
has exchange 2003 installed. i m aworking on another machine on the same
domain (with centralised authentication using active directory) tht has
office developer installed. When I try to create a new exchange workflow
project it says "Cannot create workflow project You may not be a member of
can register workflow role or the server may not have been found".
any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Yatendra Khandelwal
IshiSystems Inc.

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