Create Web Part Page through Web Part Pages Services?

Create Web Part Page through Web Part Pages Services?

Post by Troy Zir » Fri, 03 Jun 2005 01:51:09

We are trying to build a "Content Publishing Service", which will publish
web part pages (and their web parts) from one server to another server. This
is all at the portal level, not team sites level. The only two ways we could
think of to do this is to use the existing Web Part Pages Services, or build
our own service.

The SharePoint SDK tells us that we have everything we need in the existing
service, except one thing. How do we create a web part page on a different
server? The source area and destination area were created from the same
template, and so the SMARTPGS files are identical. The web part page would
have to be tied to the destination area's smart pages template files,

Any thoughts, or other ideas??



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I'm using SPS v2.0. I created a site and two web part pages for the site.
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the same web part page I can connect them using FrontPage 2003. If I add the
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