Permission to execute not granted, without inserting web part in to a page

Permission to execute not granted, without inserting web part in to a page

Post by SyynX Solu » Wed, 08 Feb 2006 23:10:49


I have a security problem which drives mit crazy:

Before installing my web part from cab via stsadm everything works fine.
After installing my web part, the reloading of any sharepoint page
fails. And my web part is not inserted in a page yet!? If I remove my
cab file via stsadm everything works fine again.

This must have something to do with code access security, so I stripped
more and more code from my web parts to debug where the problem comes
from. My assembly is empty now, but still causes trouble.

I have tested the cab file on other machines and it worked fine there. I
have no idea how to figure out what the problem is.

I double checked web.config, my manifest.xml, references to other
assemblies, ... but everything looks ok to me. Any hint would be very


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Does anyone know where this might be defined. The only thing I can find on
Microsoft sites is the Control Execution Lifecycle, which describes ASP.NET
stuff, but doesn't make reference to the differences introduced by
SharePoint and Web Parts.

For example, it is mentioned that when a Web Part is added to a page a
Post-back even occurs, regardless of whether it is appropriate. What other
things are there lurking about.

The reason I ask is that I have a button on a Web Part, which causes another
Web Part to be added to the current zone, but it doesn't display (it does
after a page refresh). I think this is caused by the post-back event of
adding the Web Part crashing into the button click event (or vice-versa).

So, if anyone knows of any good documentation concerning the life-cycle, and
possible a source of information about adding Web Parts
dynamically/programmatically (sources that don't lead to , which is good as
far as it goes, but doesn't help me with my problems).

Many thanks

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