Cannot view the old workflow task items when workflows are restore

Cannot view the old workflow task items when workflows are restore

Post by dG9ueX » Thu, 05 Feb 2009 00:52:19


I am trying to restore workflow's task list items and document library
list's workflow association using SharePoint object model (i.e. SPList,
SPListItem, SPWorkflowAssociation). The workflow task items and document
library list items were restored ok, but when I clicked on the task item, I
got an error saying that the parent item of the workflow is in recycle bin.

The way I restored the workflow is to create workflow association with the
list using the stored data before the site was deleted. But I noticed that
the new workflow association GUID is different from the old GUID and there is
no way to use the old GUID for the new workflow association.

I suspect that is the cause of the problem because the restored task items
still refer to the old GUID as do the workflow history items.

Is it possible to restore the workflow using SharePoint object model?



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As a result, my parallel wait is not working as it should. I have no idea why because the query is accurate but it leads me to belive that this hidden CWF has something to do with the query not working.

Any help would be appreciated.

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