Extending WSS from Main Portal Site (SQL Report Pack for SPS)

Extending WSS from Main Portal Site (SQL Report Pack for SPS)

Post by Q2hyaXN0b3 » Sat, 17 Dec 2005 23:08:02

I have configured the SQL Server Report Pack for SharePoint Portal Server
(SPS) on my SharePoint Portal Server. I have successfully ran the Data
Extraction Program (DEP) and I am able to use SQL Reporting Services to
analyze my SPS Portal data. However, I have a separate WSS Server that I
would also like to analyze. I noticed that I cannot install the DEP on the
WSS server since it fails immediately because it is trying to read the SPS
object model (which is not installed on that server). Is there a way I can
use this tool to read data from WSS? Is there a way I can tie my portal
server to WSS on another server so DEP can read WSS from SPS? I noticed in
the QL Server Report Pack for SharePoint Portal Server Deployment Guide
Tips and Tricksguide there was a section that states
f a virtual server for one of your servers running SharePoint Portal
Server or Windows SharePoint Services is not appearing in the reports, make
sure they are extended from the main portal site. All of the front-end Web
servers should be extended across.
Does this only apply to WSS virtual server on the same server as SPS or can
it be extended to WSS virtual server on a different server. Not exactly sure
what this means. I would be happy to offer more info if you need further

Thanks in advance for your assistance

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I have no idea what went wrong, but yesterday I migrated a WSS site from
another server onto our development SPS box and now the portal doesn't work.

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The site that I migrated was added as a subsite of a top-level site.

This was the command I ran to migrate the site: smigrate -r -w http://[my
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I am able to access the Central Administration for the portal, and through
the Central Administration I am able to access the Site Settings for my
portal site. But I am unable to access any of the content pages or
administration pages of the portal (i.e. If I click 'Manage portal site
structure' I get "Error Category Not Found", if I click on 'Manage security
and additional settings' I get "Access Denied You are not authorized to
access this page. Please contact your SharePoint administrator if you
believe you ahve reached this message in error.", etc...).

When I try to access the main portal page (http://[my server
name]/default.aspx I get "Error You cannot view this area, either because the
area no longer exists, or because you do not have the rights to view this
area. To change your rights, contact the site administrator."

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