Pre-populate custom template w/ custom parts

Pre-populate custom template w/ custom parts

Post by Chris John » Thu, 15 Apr 2004 06:42:24

We have implemented a custom document template that users
can use to create a new page in their sub-area. We want
to pre-populate certain WebPartZones with some custom
WebParts we developed. We're attempting this by using an
@ Register directive for our web part, then invoking the
WebPart in the template page. When we try to create a
page with this template, SPS returns an error message
stating simply that our web part "appears to be causing a
problem". If we then browse to our document library and
view the page we just created, the error is gone and we
can view/edit/delete our web part as desired.

Any idea why it would throw an error on create, and what
we should do to eliminate the error?


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I post this question in the project group but thought this may be a more
appropriate forum....hope someone can point me to the right direction.

I need to create a page in PWA that allows users to create a new
project. In my custom page, there are custom fields/dropdownlists with
values. For example, I will need to populate a dropdownlist with division
names (A, B, C, or D...), and the values of other dropdownlists on the page
will be populated based on whatever division name I select from my

For this, I create a custom web part page, and created custom field
"Division" with lookup table "Divivison", and associate it with "Project",
but how do I populate their values in my "Division" dropdownlist ? And how
do I connect the values between lookup tables so I can populate other custom
fields based on a selected value ? When I click the "Save" button to save
and publish my project, some of the fields on my page were saved into the
project table (ie. Project Name, Create Date), but where and how can I save
the selected values of those custom fields to associate them with that
particular project ? Should I create a new field in the project table ?

Note that I need this page in PWA, and users don't have access to Project

Thanks much in advance for any help!

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