Master/Detail DVWP: New Master search still shows old Detail

Master/Detail DVWP: New Master search still shows old Detail

Post by David - Ay » Sun, 13 Aug 2006 07:18:03

Hello -

I created a pretty simple master/detail setup with two data views going
against a SQL database. Master DVWP uses a search box to filter the
results, and then clicking each item in the Master filtered list shows
the Detail below.

However, here's my problem:

1) Load up web page, empty search (no Master list since there is no
filter, no Detail shown).
2) Enter search string and do postpack, Master lists A and B. Detail
shows A, as it defaults to show the first row.
3) Click "B". Master shows B as selected, Detail shows B.
4) Enter new Master search, do postback, Master lists C and D. Detail
still shows B.

#4 should have Detail shows C, being the first row in the list. But
somehow that doesn't get passed to the Detail after changing the Master

If I skip step #3, and never choose an item to display in the detail
and always just have it default to the first row, then #4 works as
expected. It's only when I manually trigger the web part connection.

So my question is how to clear that parameter so that when I re-filter
the Master it goes back to passing the first row value to the Detail?
Is there another parameter or call that needs to happen during the
Master filtering?

Thanks for any help. This one has me stumped.


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