Creating New List Item in SharePoint Designer

Creating New List Item in SharePoint Designer

Post by UmljaGFyZ » Wed, 30 Apr 2008 23:14:04

We have a custom SharePoint list (List A) that contains a column called
"Sponsor". The sponsor column is a "Person or Group" lookup field.

We would like to use a custom workflow to move items from List A to another
custom list (List B) that we have created.

We can move all of the items successfully, but we cannot move the "Sponsor"
information. List B also has a "Person or Group" lookup field called
"Approved Sponsor", and this is where we would like to move the "Sponsor"

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2. Copy List Item activity in SharePoint designer doesn't copy lookup

I have a main list named 'Project'. There are two lists with the exact same
structure named 'Activity' and 'Activity History'. Both of these lists have
a 'Project' lookup field linked to the 'Project' list. I used SharePoint
Designer to create a workflow. The workflow has one activity which is the
'Copy List Item' activity. The workflow activates when the item is created
or modified in the 'Activity' list.

When the workflow activates it indeed copies the list item from one list to
another but dosn't copy any custom lookup fields that point to custom lists.
Interestingly it does copy a lookup field that points to UserInfo. The
custom lookup fields are defined as a site column and both lists use that
same column.

Is this a known bug? Where do I file bugs that I find? I'm using the Beta
2.2 version of workflow and Beta 2 of Office Server and SharePoint Designer.

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