Export survey results to a spreadsheet fails

Export survey results to a spreadsheet fails

Post by TWFudHZ5ZG » Sat, 01 Apr 2006 01:50:02

Hello, there,

I have a quite a long survey done on the sharepoint services. It was quite
successful, I had 400 answers from our company employees.

However, I was so badly surprised, that a button "Export survey results to a
spreadsheet" produced me nothing in Excel.

1. I pressed the "Export..." button in WSS.
2. It warned me: To export a list, you must have a Windows Sharepoint
services-compatible application. I pressed Ok to that.
3. Then Excel activated with a "Opening Query" dialog box. It mainly said
bla bla: "There's owssvr.iqy... it has external data... able to perform
harfmul actions... If you trust click Open". So I press Open.
4. The Excel 2003 SP2 promptly opens, shows for a second an empty sheet,
lower left corner promptly shows Connecting to datasource... AND... a sheet
closes, leaving an Excel app open with nothing inside, not even an empty

I thought maybe I just can't connect to a datasource, but the following .iqy
sentence strangely succeeds:
http://wssserver/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&List={96F61E90-42D2-4C74-B717-DF3F0246453A}&XMLDATA=TRUE I do get a *** XML file with data inside.

The original failing .iqy query is this