Customizing Data View Query Based on Parameters

Customizing Data View Query Based on Parameters

Post by Ben » Sat, 26 Mar 2005 08:58:10

Hi, I've been attempting to customize a sharepoint data view for a list
interface I've been building. Currently, the list is filtered based on
two search parameters I get for the URL using QueryString. The where
statement in the data query is as follows:

<dsp:Where xmlns:dsp=" ">
<dsp:FieldRef Name="Description"/>
<dsp:Value Type="xsd:string"><udc:ClientParameterValue
xmlns:udc=" "
<dsp:FieldRef Name="Company"/>
<dsp:Value Type="x:string"><udc:ClientParameterValue
xmlns:udc=" "
<dsp:FieldRef Name="IsCurrent"/>
<dsp:Value Type="x:boolean">1</dsp:Value>

What I'm looking to do is add a checkbox in my search form that, if
checked, will also filter the data view by showing only entries
assigned to the current user, but if unchecked, shows all entries. I
attempted to add another statement to the query,

<dsp:Value Type="xsd:string"><udc:ClientParameterValue
xmlns:udc=" "
<dsp:Value Type="x:string">No</dsp:Value>
<dsp:FieldRef Name="AssignedTo"/>
<dsp:Value Type="x:string"><udc:ClientParameterValue
xmlns:udc=" "

This gives an error in FrontPage saying 'The query you are trying to
execute contains syntax errors'. I have tested out the query structure,
and it is fine, the statement giving the problem is the one on the
myItems parameter, if I switch it out, the query works fine, and I have
tested the myItems parameter on its own, it works fine on a standard

Has anyone figured out some way to do conditional filtering like this?
In the past I just used conditional formatting to hide rows that didn't
fit both parameters to achieve the same result, but in this case the
list is very large and limited to displaying 50 results at a time, so
it is conceivable that all 50 results on the first page would be hidden
from the user, which is less than desirable from a UI standpoint. Any
help would be much appreciated.


Ben Anders

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Any suggestions ?


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