VERY STRANGE PROBLEM - Different unread emails on Outlook vs Web client????

VERY STRANGE PROBLEM - Different unread emails on Outlook vs Web client????

Post by Robin Jack » Sat, 15 Jul 2006 22:46:41


Up until recently Outlook has been working a treat for me.

Very recently we upgraded to Active Directory and now I have a HUGE problem.

Prior to the upgrade my Blackberry and Outlook client always reflected each
other correctly.

Now If I am in the office everything is fine but if I am working remotely
via VPN my Blackberry always has more up to date information and my Outlook
client can be missing anywhere up to 100 emails and the 'read' status is
wrong in Outlook.

If I log in via Outlook Web Access it agree's 100% with my Blackberry.

Often I can be missing a whole day or more email from my Outlook client
until I return to the office, when it seems to correct itself.

Does anyone have ANY clue as to what is happening?????????


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Server: SBS 2003 SP1 + ISA 2004
Policy: Allow All Outbound Protocols from Internal to External. Users: SBS
Internet Users (Yes, not our standard, but is for SBS 2003)
Client: Windows XP Pro SP2 + ISA Firewall Client

Issue: User unable to fully utilize (upload, edit, save) a web-based CMS
(Content Management System) that relies on an ActiveX add-in and Java applet.

Scenario #1:
Web Proxy Enabled
Firewall Client Enabled
Symptoms: Uploading, editing, saving does not work. Just timesout. Anonymous
denies are recorded in the ISA logs.

Scenario #2:
Web Proxy Disabled
Firewall Client Enabled
Symptoms: Everything works.

Scenario #3:
Web Proxy Disabled
Firewall Client Disabled
Symptoms: Duh, no web access!

I understand why each scenario produced the results I experienced, but what
I am curious about is what the long term cons/side effects/issues with
leaving the computer configured with only the Firewall Client enabled; Web
Proxy disabled a.k.a Scenario #2.




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