Announcing the Systems Management Server v4 (SMS v4) Enterprise Customer TAP Program

Announcing the Systems Management Server v4 (SMS v4) Enterprise Customer TAP Program

Post by msnews.mic » Sun, 29 May 2005 02:17:09

icrosoft is currently building the next version of Systems Management
Server, SMS v4. SMS v4 builds on the success of Systems Management Server
2003, enhancing and extending it in the areas of operating system
deployment, security, simplicity, and desired configuration monitoring.

Unified OS deployment



Desired Configuration

Longhorn/Office 12 upgrade assessment - The ability to identify and
resolve hardware and software incompatibilities with Windows/Office before

Machine replacement - The ability to migrate desktops and servers from
old hardware to new hardware preserving state.

Disconnected/remote deployment - Enable administrators/users to deploy
Windows via CD set or DVD with or without network connectivity

Vulnerability reporting - Enterprise-wide vulnerability reporting

Quarantine integration for patch and vulnerability - Prevent
workstations from accessing corporate resources when they are not properly
patched or when they have vulnerable configurations..

Internet facing scenarios - Software distribution, asset management,
patch management and desired configuration across the Internet without
requiring a VPN

Patching improvements - Selectively downloading only the patches that
apply to a given system reduces network traffic and closes the WUS gap.

Fully functional out of the box - Simple MSI setup that ends with a
fully functional SMS site.

Simplification of SMS distribution hierarchy - Leveraging workstations
as dist. points can reduce infrastructure and cost.

Task-based UI - Simple and intuitive task-based administrator
interface for patching, quarantine, OS deployment, software distribution and
desired configuration monitoring

Install in a time window - Allow administrators to install software in
designated time windows

Proactive best practice evaluation/notification - Notification of any
deviation from a desired configuration for a system or an application (ie.
ports, vulnerabilities .). For MS applications this includes being inline
with Best Practices in the BPA's.

Regulatory compliance verification - Notification of any deviation
from regulatory compliances such as SOX, HIPPA, .

Ability to create and edit configuration definitions easily - use the
knowledge provided by your vendor, or customize and create your own.

The Systems Management Server Technology Adoption Program team is pleased to
announce that nominations are now being accepted for participation in the
SMS v4 Product Validation program.

Program Description

This program is designed to provide collaboration with your company and
Microsoft. The purpose is to validate SMS v4 through the deployment of
pre-release builds. Your company will have the opportunity to provide
design and performance feedback for the product. You can do this through the
reporting of bugs and submission of Design Change Requests (DCRs), as well
as provide general feedback for product group consideration. This program
will provide customers with support from the Microsoft SMS product group, as
well as 24x7 support for production deployment issues. The program timeline
is extensive, starting this summer and finishing in the first half of
calendar year '07.

Program Requirements

All partici