SCCM Client Installed - Console Shows No Client Installed

SCCM Client Installed - Console Shows No Client Installed

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I have a big big problem that i cannot solve.
I installed sms2003 server and i had a problem when i could not install the
advanced clien to the system in my domain.
I found out that it was tring to install the client from a different
location which was E:\sms\client\i386 and it in the ccmsetup.log it was
actually wonting to install it from E:\smsclient\i386 , so i created the
relevent folder and it now installs the client on users pc's

But the bigger problem is that it does not get registered in the sms2003
server in the "All client Systems " tap.
I have been struggling for a couple of weeks with this and i am starting to
loose the will to live

Does anyone know the solution??????

Thanks Inadvance


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I can do a client push on systems that are discovered. The advanced
client does actually install, and I know that because if I go log onto
those machines, the SMS control panel access is there, and all the
components are installed. It is correctly pointed to my site.

But none of the machines with the client installed are reported as
actually having the client installed! I can do an update collection
membership, refresh, and it still says the client isn't installed.
Hence, they won't take the adverti *** ts, etc.

I'm using the NT\SYSTEM account for client installs.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or answers, I will be greatly

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