IBM/Lenovo Serial Number and Model Type

IBM/Lenovo Serial Number and Model Type

Post by U01TX0Nocm » Wed, 19 Sep 2007 00:36:04

I am trying to compile an inventory report of a computer lab that includes
the IBM/Lenovo Serial Number and Model Type (all comps are IBM/Lenovo), and
other info such as OS, hardware info, IP, etc. I'm really unfamiliar with
creating reports in SMS including SQL queries so if anybody could give me a
few pointers or references I would greatly appreciate it.

BTW we are running SMS 2003 with a single site server with all advanced


IBM/Lenovo Serial Number and Model Type

Post by U2hlcnJ5IE » Wed, 19 Sep 2007 06:44:02

ersonally, I try to avoid the IP address field as much as possible. That's
because with laptops; you may get 2 or 3 IP addresses, and therefore 2 or 3
lines per computer.

Anyway; here's a sample report of "count of Models", with the model type
translated into quasi-english; just add more When.. then.. statements for any
model types you have that I don't:

case CSYS.Model0
When '23718VU' then 'IBM X40 23718VU'
When '2371K4U' then 'IBM X40 2371K4U'
When '2371H9U' then 'IBM X40 2371H9U'
When '2373k1u' then 'IBM T42P Centrino 2373K1U'
when '2373k9u' then 'IBM T42P #1 2373K9U'
When '23736zu' then 'IBM T42 23736ZU'
When '237375u' then 'IBM T40 237375U'
When '2373w1j' then 'IBM T40 2373W1J'
When '2373pu7' then 'IBM T40 2373PU7'
When '237372u' then 'IBM T40 237372U'
When '26472tu' then 'IBM T23 26472TU'
When '26474eu' then 'IBM T22 26474EU'
when '23718vu' then 'IBM X40 23718VU'
when '2672cxu' then 'IBM X31 2672CXU'
when '266295u' then 'IBM X22 266295U'
when '266234u' then 'IBM X20 266234U'
when '266264u' then 'IBM X21 266264U'
when '200755u' then 'IBM T60 15" '
when '200768u' then 'IBM T60 14" '
when '170685u' then 'IBM X60 (170685u)'
when '170686u' then 'IBM X60 (170686u)'
when '880894u' then 'Lenovo ThinkCentre M55'
when '8811E4U' then 'Lenovo M55p (8811E4U)'
when '94525VU' then 'IBM Z61m (94525vu)'
when '-[621825u]-' then 'IBM Intellistation M Pro 6218 (621825u)'
else CSYS.Model0 end as 'Model',
Count(CSYS.Model0) as Count, CSYS.Model0
from v_R_System SYS join v_GS_Computer_System CSYS on
join v_GS_Workstation_Status WS on WS.ResourceID=SYS.ResourceID
and WS.LastHWScan >=(getdate()-14)
Group By CSYS.Model0
Order by CSYS.Model0

-------or....(completely untested, just kind of threw it together, if you
have more than 10,000 systems; you will not get full results)----

select Sys.Name0 as 'Computer',
v_r_system.AD_Site_name0 as 'AD Site',
case v_r_system.Operating_System_Name_and0
when 'Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 5.1' then 'XP'
when 'Microsoft Windows NT Server 5.0' then 'Server 2000'
when 'Microsoft Windows NT Server 5.2' then 'Server 2003'
else v_r_system.Operating_System_Name_and0 end as 'OS',
v_gs_operating_system.CSDVersion0 [SP],
v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.Manufacturer0, case v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.Model0
When '23718VU' then 'IBM X40 (23718VU)'
When '8811E4U' then 'Lenovo M55p (8811E4U)'
When '2371K4U' then 'IBM X40 (2371K4U)'
When '2371H9U' then 'IBM X40 (2371H9U)'
When '2373k1u' then 'IBM T42P Centrino (2373k1u)'
when '2373k9u' then 'IBM T42P #1 (2373k9u)'
When '23736zu' then 'IBM T42 (23736zu)'
When '237375u' then 'IBM T40 (237375U)'
When '2373w1j' then 'IBM T40 (2373W1J)'
When '2373pu7' then 'IBM T40 (2373PU7)'
When '237372u' then 'IBM T40 (237372U)'
When '26472tu' then 'IBM T23 (26472tu)'
When '26474eu' then 'IBM T22 (26474eu)'
when '23718vu' then 'IBM X40 (23718vu)'
when '2672cxu' then 'IBM X31 (2672cxu)'
when '266295u' then 'IBM X22 (266295u)'
when '266234u' then 'IBM X20 (266234u)'
when '266264u' then 'IBM X21 (266264u)'
when '200755u' then 'IBM T60 15" (200755u) '
when '200768u' then 'IBM T60 14" (200768U)'
when '170685u' then 'IBM X60 (170685u)'
when '170686u' then 'IBM X60 (170686u)'
when '880894u' then 'Lenovo ThinkCentre M55 (880894u)'
when '94525VU' then 'IBM Z61m'
when '-[]621825u-' then 'IBM IntelliStation M Pro 6218'
else v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.Model0 end as 'Model', v_GS_PC_BIOS.SerialNum

IBM/Lenovo Serial Number and Model Type

Post by Rob Harme » Wed, 19 Sep 2007 06:54:15


Is this what you are after? This is avery small executable we developed that
captures this information in a few seconds and can be run as a scheduled
task when required.

Computer System Details extracted from this PC:

Host Name: ROB-xxxxxxxxxx
OS Name: Microsoft Windows VistaT Home Basic
OS Version: 6.0.6000 N/A Build 6000
OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
OS Configuration: Standalone Workstation
OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free
Registered Owner: Rob
Registered Organization: Hewlett-Packard Company
Product ID:
Original Install Date: 22/06/2007, 12:43:39 AM
System Boot Time: 17/09/2007, 5:02:41 PM
System Manufacturer: Compaq-Presario
System Model: GF950AA-ABG SR5120AN
System Type: X86-based PC
Processor(s): 1 Processor(s) Installed.
[01]: x64 Family 15 Model 79 Stepping 2
AuthenticAMD ~2000 Mhz
BIOS Version: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 5.11 , 5/06/2007
Windows Directory: C:\Windows
System Directory: C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device: \Device\HarddiskVolume1
System Locale: en-au;English (Australia)
Input Locale: en-us;English (United States)
Time Zone: (GMT+09:30) Adelaide
Total Physical Memory: 3,006 MB
Available Physical Memory: 2,263 MB
Page File: Max Size: 4,891 MB
Page File: Available: 3,632 MB
Page File: In Use: 1,259 MB
Page File Location(s): C:\pagefile.sys
Domain: MSHOME
Logon Server: \\
Hotfix(s): 37 Hotfix(s) Installed.
[01]: KB925528
[02]: KB925902
[03]: KB929399
[04]: KB929451
[05]: KB929685
[06]: KB929735
[07]: KB929761
[08]: KB929762
[09]: KB929763
[10]: KB929777
[11]: KB930163
[12]: KB930178
[13]: KB930568
[14]: KB930857
[15]: KB931099
[16]: KB931174
[17]: KB931573
[18]: KB931621
[19]: KB933245
[20]: KB933579
[21]: KB936021
[22]: KB936782
[23]: KB938127
[24]: KB939159
[25]: KB928089
[26]: KB929123
[27]: KB929427
[28]: KB929916
[29]: KB930585
[30]: KB931213
[31]: KB931836
[32]: KB932246
[33]: KB933360
[34]: KB933566
[35]: KB935807
[36]: KB937143
[37]: KB938123
Network Card(s): 1 NIC(s) Installed.
[01]: NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
Connection N

IBM/Lenovo Serial Number and Model Type

Post by sherrylkis » Wed, 19 Sep 2007 07:06:42

I'm not sure if my first post made it through, if this is a double-
post, I apologize).

Rob, does your utility you mention (or the one you mention in "Listing
Microsoft Patches and Fixes") integrate with Hardware Inventory for
SMS 2003 or System Center Configuration Manager? If so, please
provide a link to a white paper or online documentation on that
integration. I'd be very interested in that.

Otherwise, if these executables are only able to be run singly, since
the majority of people on this SMS list often have to manage thousands
of computers, an application that runs interactively, one machine at a
time, may not be a viable solution for most SMS / SCCM users.

On Sep 17, 4:54 pm, "Rob Harmer" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:


IBM/Lenovo Serial Number and Model Type

Post by Rob Harme » Wed, 19 Sep 2007 21:31:07

i Sherry,

Both applications are very small executables <20K each that can be set as
scheduled tasks to run at any time using any standard Windows scheduler.

The results data files end up in the same root folder from where the
executable is file is loaded and run. No user intervention is required.

The licensing we offer (flat fee per organization irrespective of how many
PCs exist) for the hardware inventory enables the executable to be loaded on
each machine and can be set to run at any time the system manager wants to
gather the data eg; every 3 or 6 months rather than via daily log files etc.
The patch file audit is free of charge.

The resultant hardware audit and patch results files are unencrypted text
files so as to enable loading to any database and can be extracted off the
local PC at any point in time so that bandwidth degradation or server
utilization loads permit. The tools are not interactive and can be set to
run and deliver the results on demand or at defined intervals that are
prescribed in your own scheduler (note we do not have a scheduler inbuilt).
No user manuals, training or whitepapers exist as they are really very basic
and fast engine room tools focused on specific data outcomes.

We also offer similar "engine room" text and csv audit results for software
inventory without using any database or software identification library or
registry data. We ignored the registry for software inventory as the results
can be unreliable for a number of reasons when using the Add/Remove
(Registry Uninstall) area or looking at data generated from applications
installed using MSI as not every vendor uses MSI as the application

We wrote these audit tools many years ago (we started auditing PCs in 1991)
and have continually tweaked them to suit auditors who didn't want large
audit data files daily, weekly monthly,and didn't want encrypted data so
they could massage and interpret, and didn't want to set up MOF files to
collect information. Auditors that we work with wanted small and fast tools
they could use to "hit and run" without impeding servers and systems and
gather the results so they could use the results offsite in larger database
consolidation systems, at their leisure.

The end results of these tools have now been used over and over again by
sites as large as you describe and by some of the larger audit firms eg
KPMG, E&Y etc for Y2K data gathering etc over the years and have been very
useful to calibrate the accuracy and validity of other data inventory
techniques. We have been auditing PCs since 1991 and have significant
knowledge on the games and tricks that end users play with ways to beat the
audit cycle and smokescreen the results!

Our approach has always been to offer fast, small in footprint size tools
that are easy to use, require no training and work with minimal effort, and
most importantly very low in license cost. The software inventory tool can
be seen at and can be scripted
(we coach you to write the script) to run silent rather than as per the GUI
based demo that is at that page.

These tools might be useful ways to enhance or free up your efforts with SMS
so you can utilize resources better.


Rob Harmer

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(I'm not sure if my first post made it through

IBM/Lenovo Serial Number and Model Type

Post by Gart » Wed, 19 Sep 2007 23:21:52

ow does your product enhance the data within SMS? i.e. how does your
product help me. I already have SMS, I can audit each PC with SMS, so what
does your product do that SMS can't and how does it integrate with SMS?

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IBM/Lenovo Serial Number and Model Type

Post by U01TX0Nocm » Wed, 19 Sep 2007 23:30:01

herry and Rob:

Thanks for all the help, I was able to put together a query and I'm working
with some good data now.


"Garth" wrote:


IBM/Lenovo Serial Number and Model Type

Post by Rob Harme » Thu, 20 Sep 2007 06:57:59


I guess the key question is how long does it take you write and test the
query in SMS to gather the data vs using an off the shelf application? The
actual audit of the hardware data takes around 20 to 30 seconds or less.

It doesn't integrate within SMS at all - its a tool that can be called as a
function to gather similar data.

It came into being some time ago, pitched at auditors as they found some of
their client sites had turned off the inventory aspects of SMS and used
deployment only due to size of audit logs and speed issues.

It's not for everyone and we are well aware of that.



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IBM/Lenovo Serial Number and Model Type

Post by U2hlcnJ5IE » Thu, 20 Sep 2007 10:28:03

agree; to write a new query or report is just a few minutes--and it lasts
forever, for all clients.

Although I don't see much added value for your product in my environment, I
do appreciate your offering a free utility. I understand that many
not-for-profits or other similar organizations are always looking for the
free solution.

fyi, in case this thread goes into perpetuity on the 'net somewhere... 'size
of audit logs and speed issues' comment regarding sms. Not sure what an
audit log is in reference to sms. A delta inventory is usually just a few
kb; and is parsed into the database quickly, and then discarded once done.
Speed issues; again, not sure what that is in reference to SMS. I have a
daily simple HW Inventory schedule; mgmt is OK with that daily schedule.
Standarize. Simplify. Automate.

"Garth" wrote: