SMS Clients Installed but appear in SMS Console as not Install

SMS Clients Installed but appear in SMS Console as not Install

Post by SmFtaW » Thu, 11 Nov 2004 20:43:02

well i checked those logs the error i see is : can't retrive SLP from active
directory, but other clients can retrive SLP from active directory?

1. SMS Clients Installed but appear in SMS Console as not Installed

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I have just installed SMS 2003 for our domain. The primary
site works fine. I have set up another secondary site for
a remote location. The sms clients loaded up correctly on
this remote location on all the machines with the correct
site code, but this information (remote site machines) is
not appearing on the main SMS console nor on the main SQL
I have one SQL 2000 server database (hosted at the primary
site) which hosts the information of all the sites. I am
not sure why this information is not showing up on the
main SMS console.
The strange thing is that the error log (System
status/Site Status/Site) does not show any errors although
all the current activity is registered.
Is there any log file on the secondary site server that I
should be checking? Please do suggest what I must do.

Thanks in advance.
Viju Mathai

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