Cannot Run Program via Run Advertised Programs (SMS 2003)

Cannot Run Program via Run Advertised Programs (SMS 2003)

Post by U01TIE5ld2 » Sat, 05 Nov 2005 01:15:03

Here is the scenario...
We have a central site where I created a sw package which then got
replicated to the primary that is reporting to it. I configured the DP for
the primary site and created an adverti *** t to a collection. The package
was copied in the SMSPKG<x>$ folder.
The problem is...
When I try to run the program via Run Advertised Programs, I see it launches
and then disappears (stops) right further activity happens.
I then try to re-run the same advertised program and now I get a message
saying that "The program you have requested cannot be run now because SMS is
busy running another program. Please try again later. For further assistance,
please contact your system administrator or help desk operator".

I also tried creating the package from the primary itself but it behaved the
same way.

Is there somthing I am missing?
Where do I need to go to find out and terminate the running program that it
says on the message.

The package works well when run manually.
I am testing this on an XP SP2 system ...and enabled Anonymous...on the DCOM
config already as well.

Thank you so much for any input anyone can provide.


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I've usesd SMS 2.0 for a year or two and have recently upgraded to SMS 2003.
My question I think is very simple....

In version 2.0 the "advertised programs manager" or somethine similar since
I no longer use SMS 2.0 in control panel listed all adverti *** ts that
clients were
schedule to run or had already run and what the status was. In version 2003
I believe "Run Advertised Programs" replaces this applet. However, I do not
see any previously run adverti *** ts on any of my clients. I can look in
the registry under the following key
(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Mobile Client\Software
Distribution\Execution History\System) and find that information or I can
find it on the SMS server. However, I don't understand why that information
does not display under "Run Advertised Programs". Is that not what it is for?

My question is what do I need to do in order to get the "run history" to
show under "Run Advertised Programs" on my clients?

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