New MSSecure.XML Version 2004.10.12.0 Now Available

New MSSecure.XML Version 2004.10.12.0 Now Available

Post by Doug Neal » Thu, 14 Oct 2004 02:24:51

MSSECURE.XML Data Version 2004.10.12.0 (for use by MBSA 1.2 and SMS SUS
Feature Pack) was last modified today, October 12, 2004, and is now
available for all supported languages (English, French, German and

This release fully supports the following new bulletins with only one
limitation (local scans only) for MS04-033 (Excel) noted below:

. MS04-029 (RFC on WinNT4 Server, TSE) - 873350
. MS04-030 (WebDav MSXML) - 824151
. MS04-031 (NetDDE) - 841533
. MS04-032 (Kernel) - 840987
. MS04-033 (MS Excel) - 886836. This bulletin is fully supported by MBSA
and MBSACLI for local scans only. Support for this bulletin is provided by
the Office Detection Tool (ODT) which provides patch detection for Office
applications. When scans are performed using MBSACLI /HF (HFNetChk mode),
the patch status of MS04-033 will not be provided since HFNetChk mode doesn't
use ODT. This limitation does not apply to the SMS SUS Feature Pack since
it also uses ODT to perform patch detection for Office applications by
locally scanning each machine.

. MS04-034 (Compressed Folders) - 873376
. MS04-035 (SMTP) - 885881
. MS04-036 (NNTP) - 883935
. MS04-037 (Windows Shell) - 841356
. MS04-038 (Internet Explorer Cumulative patch) - 834707

In addition to support for the October security bulletin releases, this XML
contains fixes for all customer and PSS reported 'greater than expected' and
'invalid checksum' warnings.

Although MBSA will attempt to automatically download teh latest XML files,
the public download locations for these updated versions - pending worldwide
replication and local proxy and caching issues - are listed below. If there
are delays obtaining the latest, updated XML files, be sure to review
KB842432 to troubleshoot potential local proxy and caching issues.



Doug Neal [MSFT]

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New MSSecure.XML Version 2004.10.12.0 Now Available

Post by Chris Hend » Fri, 15 Oct 2004 06:32:42

You are da man Doug!