slow speeds

slow speeds

Post by Edgar -MBN » Thu, 28 Jul 2005 07:14:03


our sql server respons slow its sql 7 but on one of the servers once we set
the data pipe and IP / Port of SQL it did speed up alot more. I was
wonderinf if this will help clients also? Oh and for win 98 what command do
I use to setup data pipe(not sure if this is what it was that we setup
before with ip/port). ....

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2. I Found a Solution to my Slow Speed with Excel 2007

At an earlier posting I stated that my 120 Meg file with many macros and
formulas had dropped dramatically in speed with my new computer and Excel
2007. It was so slow that I could no longer use 2007 and was prepared to
return it. I had purchased an HP Intel 7200 duo with 4 meg and the latest
premium VISTA so I was obviously disappointed that my previous Dell with 1
Meg and single Intel 1.8? with Excel 2000 was far faster.
Solution to my problem: Apparently I had cut and pasted from my Banks
WebSite a banking summary. In that paste came a small icon representing a
bank check that you could click on and see a scanned copy of my personal
checks. Although I later tried to delete these icons from my spreadsheet, I
found that there were hundreds of copies of the same icon piled on top of
each other in the same cell. With Excel 2000 it ignored these icons but for
whatever reason, Excel 2007 recognized them and would consume all of my cpu
every time I made an entry, tried to filter data, inserted a line, etc. All
of my other sheets worked fine, it was just the one sheet with embedded
objects that created the problems. I don't know if this helps others but if
you're having problems like I was, look for any cut and pasted graphic
objects. I'm ectastic now with the speed and will keep my INTEL and
MicroSoft stock.

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