Coexistence setup between domino and exchange 2007

Coexistence setup between domino and exchange 2007

Post by RAMA » Wed, 19 Sep 2007 12:32:54

We are planning to have the MS exchange setup, so we have setup the roles on
test lab as follows:

Mailbox Role on single Copy Cluster (Active / Passive), 2 Servers with HUB
/ CAS on NLB and 2 Edge Servers with DNS Round robin. We need to do
migration from Lotus notes 6.5.4 to MS Exchange 2007

If we try to do Mailbox Migration, on Mailbox tab from transporter tool we
are getting an error Message "Could Not Retrieve E12 Web service URL"

Also, we could not send / receive e-mail between exchange and domino after
co-existence setup

We could not send an email from Lotus users to Exchange User and From
Exchange User to Lotus User in co-existence setup.

Please some can help me what could be the problem here.



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Good morning everyone,

Here is my setup.

* exch2003 - Production Exchange 2003 server on the DMZ. I inherited this
server. This was setup as a test system and was never meant for production,
so it has issues, software and hardware.
* exch2007cas - Exchange 2007 server with CAS on the internal network
* exch2007mb - Exchange 2007 server with Hub and Mailbox on the internal
network, server not set up yet
* isa2006 - ISA 2006 for OWA and ActiveSync
* dc1, dc2 - Active Directory and internal DNS.

My original plan was to move exch2003 to the internal network and use
isa2006 to publish OWA and ActiveSync. However, I ran into issues getting
ActiveSync to work through ISA. This would be a showstopper as the higher
ups use ActiveSync. OWA from isa2006 to exch2003 works fine.

Now, I'm leaning towards leaving exch2003 alone and to start setting up
exch2007mb. I want to move a select few mailboxes from exch2003 to
exch2007mb and test out OWA and ActiveSync before moving everyone else and
throwing exch2003 out the window.

My question is, what ports need to be opened through the PIX between
exch2003 and exch2007cas, exch2007mb, dc1, or dc2 to ensure proper
functionality? We have 53, 88, and 3268 from exch2003 to dc1 and dc2 open.
I know that 25 needs to be opened from exch2003 to exch2007mb for proper
mail flow. I haven't been able to find any other ports that could be
necessary. I would think 135 for RPC would be necessary but All the
documentation and articles I have read assume a proper setup of Exchange
2003 on an internal network.

Thanks in advance!

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