Unable to Relay - I'm not relaying!

Unable to Relay - I'm not relaying!

Post by U2xpb » Wed, 08 Jun 2005 22:48:04

I have a single SBS2003 running Exchange. We want to host an additional SMTP
domain (blackstonecanmore.ca). I have update the MX record and
www.dnsreport.com says everything in the Internet DNS setup is correct. The
problem now is I'm getting "Unable to Relay" bounce back messages when
sending mail to this secondary domain.

I have added the domain name to the recipient policy and update all of the
AD user accounts. I can send mail internally to that SMTP domain, just not
from the Internet. I'm pulling my hair out! I need some help fast!!


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I have an exchange 2000 server with SP2 installed, it passes all relay
tests, so it should be secure, guest is disabled, and the box is virus free
(symantec installed)

However, when the spammers turn up looking for a relay it just opens up for
them and off it goes.. when I try to relay through the server, copying in
what they have entered (taken from IIS logs) I get relaying denied, but they
can relay quite happily through the box.

so I figured maybe the box is compromised in a way I can't see, so I
installed a second exchange server (I put SP3 on it), guest is disabled, and
exactly the same thing happens, they just cut through the server like a hot
knife through butter.. and it says its closed for relaying (on a number of

any ideas?

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