event id: 8026, 8250, 9188, 9152, 8250, 2102

event id: 8026, 8250, 9188, 9152, 8250, 2102

Post by V2luZG93cy » Thu, 08 Feb 2007 19:41:00


i have 2 DCs(DC1 & DC2)both also GC and another 2 servers Exchange FE, BE in
my LAN.Recipient update service are point to DC1.
i found that whenever i restart my DC1, after few minutes my exchange 2003
server will have event id of 8026, 8250, 9188, 9152, 8250, 2102.
All events were trying to indicate that my DCs are all down, all GC are not
responding. LDAP cannot bind to my DC1. Users' outlook who try logon to
exchange will not be able to connect. But if i restart my exchange server,
everything will seems OK.

1) Do i have to restart my exchange server after a restart on my DC?
2) WHy exchange cannot function properly after i down DC1? i mean i still
have DC2 as GC too.
3) is this how exchange behave?