Exchange 2003 relay

Exchange 2003 relay

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SMTP is not an authenticated protocol by default, so you have to pass the
credentials to allow relay. In Outlook Express, make sure that My Server
Requires Authentication is selected on the Servers tab of the Mail Account.
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| I'm trying to relay SMTP but the messages don't want to leave queue.
| From my computer, I can send to an external address of XXXX@XXXXX.COM
| and the message goes through just fine. When we try to send from the
| alert messaging service on a different computer, the messages are still
| in queue with a status of "retrying". Under the SMTP properties, under
| Access\Relay, I specified the entire subnet of all computers, the
| specific address of the computer sending the message to relay and the
| domain name. Permissions are at Anonymous and nothing else is selected.
| I was using outlook express to send the message and it sends just
| fine, but I can't get it to relay the message even when it seems to
| accept the connection from the source computer. Any suggestiongs?


Alan Malmberg, MCSE:Messaging
Microsoft Exchange Support


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I need to allow my new Exchange 2003 server to relay
email from my web-server which in inside the same domain
and inside the firewall.

In 2000 and 5.5 I was able to configure authentication
via 'access' from the Default SMTP Virtual Server
Properites panel, but I can't seem to find this GUI

I have the SMTP Connector properties panel which is
configured correctly.

Where would I go inside System Manager to configure
this? Is it somewhere in IIS?

Thanks in advance!


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