Exchange 2003 Standard? Or Enterprise?

Exchange 2003 Standard? Or Enterprise?

Post by grimso » Thu, 17 Mar 2005 17:25:50

this from

What bad experience did you have in not recommending a limit to 16GB
mailbox store?
We use the Standard Exchange 2003 server but if you keep in mind the
16GB limit there would not be any bad experiences I guess. The only bad
experience is that I can forsee is a unplanned expansion of mailboxes
in the future.

So with with carefully planning a Exchange environment a limit should
not be a 'bad experience' I guess :-)

Best regards,
Arian van der Pijl

Exchange 2003 Standard? Or Enterprise?

Post by Todd Fathe » Tue, 22 Mar 2005 11:29:47

Here's the problem...16GB just isn't very much storage these days. And very
few of the companies I've dealt with seem to be willing to place a limit on
the size of user mailboxes. So, if you have a small number of users and/or
place limits on mailbox size, by all means, go for Standard. But Enterprise
give you a lot more flexibility in the future not only with store size but
the ability to have multiple stores, cluster, etc. that I'd recommend it if



Exchange 2003 Standard? Or Enterprise?

Post by sonicbu » Fri, 25 Mar 2005 07:14:12

To the answer to Windows Standard vs Enterprise, Exchange Enterprise
does not require Windows Enterprise. However, if you plan to use 4GB
of RAM in the server and use the /3GB switch, Microsoft says they
"don't support" the /3GB switch on Standard.

I too have seen many -o- servers that are not constantly watched for
database growth easily hit 16GB with far less users then 80. Assuming
30% ratio of single instance storage you'll max out around 260MB per
user, so with deleted item recovery, I'd set users at 200MB max space
(this is what MS uses internally, and usually the larger the org, the
lower the mailbox limits get). Set mailbox management policies to
clean out junk folder and deleted items, and maybe even sent items
after a year to help prevent unlimited growth.

Bottom line if you use Standard, figure out what the max mailbox size
can be with still a little growing room left, and set it for the
database so even if everyone was beat down with a virus, your 16GB
limit won't be reached. You don't want to hit that limit (just do a
search on 16GB here and find all the 'help me recover' stories).

Exchange 2003 Standard? Or Enterprise?

Post by Ben Winzen » Fri, 25 Mar 2005 07:46:30

the /3GB switch is most definitely supported on Windows 2003 both Standard
and Enterprise. See
details. Can you provide details of who told you that the /3gb switch isn't
supported on Windows 2003? Now if you are referring to Windows 2000, then
you are correct. You needed to be running Windows 2000 Advanced server in
order to use the /3gb switch. It is because using the /3gb switch on
Windows 2000 Standard would actually decrease the amount of virtual memory
available to the OS, while leaving the virtual memory available to
applications at 2gb. Not good.

Ben Winzenz
Exchange MVP