Domain NOT getting Our Mail

Domain NOT getting Our Mail

Post by James Stod » Sat, 28 Aug 2004 08:17:29

We are running W2K Server - Exhchange 2000

We have one receipient (their entire domain) that is not receiving any
e-mail from our server - no messages are bouncing back, simply going off
into the OZONE of *** space - or so it seems - their ISP is showing no
transactions from our IP or domain - there has to be some messages on OUR
server showning they actually going OUT , but no idea WHERE to find these or
at least

I checkd the Postmaster mailbox for something - but alas NOTHING indicating
a delivery failure ??

Any Ideas?

Domain NOT getting Our Mail

Post by QWRhbSBXaG » Thu, 11 Nov 2004 12:04:02

Can you determine the mx record of the domain you are addressing the email
to? If so, can you check with the non-recipient admins and confirm that the
mx record is correct?

I have seen issues like this (but with bounce NDR messages saying "relaying
denied") because my ISP's DNS was still holding an MX record for companies
they used to host, but had forgotten to remove their (the non-recipient's)
zone from the their (ISP's) DNS.