Generic script

Generic script

Post by QmVsd2Flc » Fri, 19 Oct 2007 22:06:00

I have tow clustred Server in wich installed client-server application.
Can someone help to write a script that transfert somme process from the
failed node to the other.


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I am trying to run the .bat file that contains:

@echo off
echo Done

from the VBS script defined as Generic Script in my cluster.

Script contains:

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
intReturn = WshShell.Run("c:\alex-tmp\cli2.bat", 1, TRUE)

cluster.log contains:

00001370.00000948::2005/05/31-16:57:01.046 INFO Generic Script
<script-al>: Loaded script 'C:\alex-tmp\cluster-empty.vbs'
00001370.00000948::2005/05/31-16:57:01.046 ERR Generic Script
<script-al>: Script Error: Line=24, Character = 0
00001370.00000948::2005/05/31-16:57:01.046 ERR Generic Script
<script-al>: Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
00001370.00000948::2005/05/31-16:57:01.046 ERR Generic Script
<script-al>: Description: Object required: 'WshShell'
00001370.00000948::2005/05/31-16:57:01.046 ERR Generic Script
<script-al>: Error: 2148139432 (0x800a01a8) - Description: Object
required: 'WshShell' (Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error)
00001370.0000008c::2005/05/31-16:57:01.046 ERR [RM] OnlineResource
failed, resource script-al, status = 2147614729.
00000908.00001598::2005/05/31-16:57:01.046 INFO [CP] CppResourceNotify
for resource script-al

What's wrong? Is there anybody who succeeded to run the .bat from VBS?

Thanks in advance,

-- Leon Koll

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