Clustered sql servers -->transaction logs, and db's on 2 different media sets (restore)

Clustered sql servers -->transaction logs, and db's on 2 different media sets (restore)

Post by Combfilte » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 10:16:31

kind of OT , but the veritas group is dead, and i am sure some of you
have come across this.

OK we have 3 clusters with 2 vsql's on per each cluster with 2 instances
under each of those. We have a pv132t, and the db's we are backing up
are huge 100+ gigs sometimes. This is a production enviroment and
downtime is not an option. Lets say i have vsql01 databases on media set
01 on loader 01. They backup and verify fine. Now lets say I have the
vsq01's transactions logs back up to a different loader and media set..
Like loader 2 and media set 2. They both backup ok, however, since there
is so many backup's constantly going on (because so much data), I haven't
been able to do a test restore. My main question is if i can backup
transaction logs and databases from a sql server too two different media
sets and loaders, and if so, Will I be able to restore them??

I got thrown into this posistion real quick because they had a guy leave.
, but that's beside the point. I am picking this up pretty quick, but
veritas seems to be the biggest pain. it took me a while to realize that
you have to fail over a cluster server to the vsql resources of the vsql
that you are backing up.. that was a pain figuring that out.

anyhelp would be appreciated.