Need help with proper cluster node needed!!

Need help with proper cluster node needed!!

Post by QXJ0IFZhbm » Wed, 19 Jan 2005 07:33:04

I have a 2 node cluster, we are getting rid of one of the servers and will
not replace it.

As of right now I have about 85 people across 3 sites who access to virtual
server by name. I want to decomission the cluster node (I assume I can just
uninstall the cluster service on node B which is the server I want to

I can technically leave the cluster service up and keep my virtual names
until I can get a decent downtime window to properly remap all clients to
node a name instead of the cluster name right?

My main concern is properly uninstalling the SQL node B node. I don't even
see SQL server as being installed through add/remove so I assume I have to
remove it on the primary installed node but I don't want to accidentally blow
away a 95GB database.

Any suggestions?

Need help with proper cluster node needed!!

Post by uttamk » Wed, 19 Jan 2005 07:58:13

You will need to remove the node (node B in your case) from the existing SQL Server 2000 virtual Failover Cluster by following these steps:

1) Run SQL Server 2000 EE Setup on the node where SQL Server is currently running. So, if it is running on Node A then run the setup on Node A.

2) On the Welcome screen of the Microsoft SQL Server Installation Wizard, click Next.

3) On the Computer Name screen, click Virtual Server and specify the name of the server (i.e your SQL Server network name/virtual name) from which to remove the node. Click Next.

4) You may see an error message saying that one (or more) of the nodes of the MicrosoftWindows NT4.0 or Microsoft Windows2000 cluster are unavailable. This may be because the node(s) you are
attempting to remove is damaged. The node(s) still can be removed. Click OK.

5) On the Installation Selection screen, click Advanced Options. Click Next.

6) On the Advanced Options screen, click Maintain a virtual server for failover clustering. Click Next.

7) On the Failover Clustering screen, click Next. You do not need to modify any IP address(es).

8) On the Cluster Management screen, select the node (i.e. node B in your case) and click Remove. Click Next.

9) On the Remote Information screen, enter login credentials for the remote cluster node that has administrator privileges on the remote node(s) of the cluster. Click Next.

10) On the Setup Complete screen, click Finish.

NOTE: If you are instructed to restart the computer, do so now. It is important to read the message from SQL Server Setup when you are done with installation. Failure to restart any of the specified nodes may cause
failures when you run the Setup program in the future on any node in the failover cluster.

Once this is complete, you will have a single node SQL Server 2000 virtual instance.

Best Regards,

Uttam Parui
Microsoft Corporation

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