Sharepoint services, failed upgrades, failed database connections:

Sharepoint services, failed upgrades, failed database connections:

Post by atkinj » Mon, 07 May 2007 11:50:50

I have a similar probem to what was poseted here, however I can't
register the sharepoint sql database with the sql enterprise manager.
None of my share point sites work after a side by side install of
sharepoint 3 next to sharepoint 2.

I had a patrialy sucessful install of sharepoint services 3 and was
able to upgrade all my web sites.
However when I went to run sharepoint central administration after the
configuration wizard completed I got it failed to load so I repaired
and reset and then couldn't load any web sites. uninstalled and
reinstalled this time with it failing to register sharepoint services.
and then wss 2 started failing. after a few install and uninstalls
(one uninstall that was completely manual, I recieved the error
"cannont connect to configuration database" as a last straw I
uninstalled both services and reinstalled them (wss 2 then wss3) and
started getting "cannot connec to configuration database during wss3.0
configuration and any time I try to run eather configuration web

This is what brings me here. in an effort to fix the issues I upgraded
to sql 2000 as the previous poster did. (recieved the same error) So I
check the registration and was unable to register connect to the
sharepoint sql server.

I was following kb article
with no success in the third step

So Sql enterprise manager cannot connect, sharepoint services and
technology configuration wizzard canot connect to the database, nor
can any of the prior existing web sites.

Now, I am stuck. Any Ideas?

I would be happy just being able to connect to the server and recover
all my documents from the database using the share point database
export utility some one created (don't have proper credits handy to
the author of that little sharepoint database document browser),

I would be extatic to get sharepoint working again.

The end goal is to get my documents back. Then if need be I can kill
the database and start over.

Sharepoint services, failed upgrades, failed database connections:

Post by atkinj » Mon, 07 May 2007 11:56:11

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