2000k connect from outside domain

2000k connect from outside domain

Post by RGF0YXNvcn » Wed, 06 Apr 2005 05:17:06

Login Problem:

Trying to log into a 2000K SQL Server using a windows user account when not
logged into the domain.

Is this possible?


Domain Account is : aaa
Password is: password
Domain is: domain1

On the Server Box1 have a windows user account called :
\domain1\aaa with a type of windows user.

I can also ping Box1

I want to use query manager to log into the box or enterprise manager 2000K.
I have tried to fill in user ID and password with



Neither work. Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance,

Stewart Rogers

2000k connect from outside domain

Post by Simon Wort » Wed, 06 Apr 2005 09:33:14

You cannot fill in the user name and password because by doing so you
are telling the login process to use SQL Server Authentication rather
than windows authentication, and you would need a SQL Server
authenticated login to do so.

You can set up SQL Server to use mixed mode authentication where it
accepts login requests for both windows authenticated users and SQL
Server authenticated users, but that is less secure.

Simon Worth