can I use ms sql server 2000 jdbc driver to connect sql server 200

can I use ms sql server 2000 jdbc driver to connect sql server 200

Post by c3RldmV » Wed, 21 Dec 2005 13:36:03

can I use ms sql server 2000 jdbc driver to connect sql server 2005?

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Hi Everyone,

Most of our MS SQL Servers are still running on SQL 2000, but being I
will soon be upgrading my workstation to Vista Business I'd like to
install MS SQL 2005 Enterprise Manager to manage them all. When I
tried to install MS SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager on Vista, it gave me a
message saying it's not compatible, so I'll have to use 2005 I guess.

We have LOTS of DTS scripts on our SQL 2000 server, and will 2005 EM
work with these okay? Also I want to make sure SQL 2005 Enterprise
Manager won't be adding to, changing, or 'upgrading' the DTS scripts or
anything on the SQL 2000 servers as we still have folks using SQL 2000
Enterprise Manager.

Thanks for any suggestions. I'm always leery when using cross-versions
of Microsoft applications because they are often incompatible or they
do squirly things that often break stuff.

Thanks --


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